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I'm thinking of creating an application that can use Firefox as a download manager. Is there any way to control Firefox (add downloads, start/stop downloads, etc) from an external program in C/C++?

If that is not possible, then perhaps an extension that can do that? If an extension is the only way, then how do I communicate with the extension from outside of Firefox?

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You're starting with a solution, not a problem. The easier idea is to use XulRunner, the platform on which FireFox is built. You'd effectively implement your own application as a XulRunner plugin and use Necko (the network layer of XulRunner and FireFox) from there.

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First of all I suggest that you familiarize yourself with

As far as I understand, most Mozilla platform functions are available through a cross language API known as XPCOM. There's also a plugin API but it's primary aim is to visualize stuff (used by Flash, etc.).

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Take a look at Gecko API. It allows third party developers to use the same technology as found in Mozilla.

For downloading files no need to use Firefox. Consider using libcurl.

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Take a look at wget.

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