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I have a working ADFS machine. I want to construct a passive request that will generate a saml 2.0 token.

the following request for saml 2.0 token:

generates the error: "Microsoft.IdentityServer.Protocols.Saml.NoAuthenticationContextException: MSIS7040: None of the requested authentication types are supported by the server."

yet if I change the request to a request for saml 1.0:

It works but the token generated by ADFS is SAML 1.0.

What is the correct form to construct a request for passive federation with SAML 2.0 tokens?

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AD FS 2.0 does not support SAML 2.0-based IDP-initiated SSO to a WIF relying party application. The url you used in a ws-federation request and as such only saml 1.1 will be returned by ADFS.

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