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I want to select only specific attributes from a model(id,name).

The SQL-command can be for example:

SELECT id,name,username FROM Users

Do you know how I can handle this?

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There's a :select option on find methods. This allows you to do:

User.find(:all, :select => 'id, name, username')

The returned objects will be User instances with those attributes available.

Or if you really want just the values without wrapping them us as User instances. You can add a method to User to return them.

def self.get_ids_and_names
  self.connection.select_all("select id, name, username from users")

which will return an array of hashes mapping column name to the value for that row. E.g. [{'id' => 1, 'name' => 'user1', 'username' => 'username1'}, ... ]

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In Rails 3: User.select("id,name,username") –  August Lilleaas Jul 3 '11 at 13:28

Pretty old question, but the rails 3 way would be:

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You can also do


to get a list of the user ids if you are trying to get a list of user's ids or names

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I had been googling for this for a while. Thanks! –  Ashitaka Feb 12 '12 at 1:49
I dont recommend it this way. Very slow –  SG 86 Mar 14 at 10:56

In mongoid, that would be:

User.only(:name, :username).where(id: params[:id]).first
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