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What I have is a folder with PDB files which contain information in the following pattern:

*HEADER 'protein date ID'
TITLE  'title of document here
AUTHOR ' the authors listed here' 
AUTHOR ' continued..'
SOURCE 'source organism (s)'
SOURCE 'continued'
SOURCE 'continued'
COMPND 'compound or complex studied'
COMPND 'continued'

As you can see the source and other information that is in this file expands to multiple lines. I want to create a single table with this information in these PDB files using the GREP command. I have not been able to group the multiple lines into one and and produce a table with columns such as TITLE, AUTHOR, SOURCE...etc

My reason for this is to be able to present in a table information from PDB files and filter through new research by author or source, which will save LOTS of time on the actual website.

Thank You

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I don't think grep is the right tool, I'd suggest sed or awk. Here's a sed solution (or maybe not a complete solution, depending on your desired output):

sed ':r;$!{N;br};:s;s/\nSOURCE//2;ts' file.pdb

It only processes the lines with SOURCE though.

Here's a more generic version:

sed ':r;$!{N;br};:s;s/\(\n[A-Z]\+\)\(.*\)\1/\1\2/;ts' file.pdb
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great start! Thank You! – user1663787 Sep 11 '12 at 21:21

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