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While has("menu") can tell me if gvim will support the menu command, is there a way to test in vim script if any menu currently exists?

The closest thing that I could figure out is to execute the :menu command and count the output. For example, in rough pseudo code...

  if count(":menu") != '0'
     " something has created a menu and is visible on screen
     " no menus have been created
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Please tell us why you need to know this; there may be a better approach. I for one cannot imagine a use case; there's always the built-in menu, and adding menu items should be cummulative, regardless of what other plugins have added. – Ingo Karkat Sep 11 '12 at 19:30
I populate the vim menu dynamically depending on a combination of plugins and the type of file that I'm editing. In some cases there are no menu items created and I would like to test for this condition in vim script. – E.Beach Sep 11 '12 at 20:03
Not having a menu is not an issue. Setting it will always override its value, and clearing it the opposite. Now, if you want to do smarter things, you'll have to track "manually" what menu you have created. That's what have been done in buffermenu (…;, Or what I've done in my togglable-options-through-menus-and-commands ( – Luc Hermitte Sep 11 '12 at 21:49
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Your request is unusual; that's why menu items probably aren't covered by exists() or a function analog to maparg().

You have to do this as outlined in your pseudo code:

redir => menuOutput
silent! menu
redir END

if menuOutput =~# '--- Menus ---\n$'
    " no menus

PS: Overreliance on menus is a Vim "smell"; for one, you don't have them (easily accessible) when using console Vim.

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