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I try to add an event handle to a EditText object (a text area the use can edit) in my Android App to control what the use can edit or not. Say I have this text in my EditText:

   * Hello 
   * World
   * On You...

I will attach a controller that allows the user to only edit the Hello, World or On You, and if the user try to edit or remove the * and the first space after * the system will stop the edit.

On Java SE I can use Document.remove(int, int) for getting event while an user try to remove or replace a part of the text and then stop the edit.

Is there a similar API for android EditText?

I have tried using TextWatcher but from what I know this is not going to help me, I know method public void onTextChanged(CharSequence s, int start, int before, int count) give some notes about the which text user remove but this seem unreliable. And this give me not a way for this matter to stop the edit of use.

EDIT: Can I use a Spanner for prevent edit to be do for a part of the text? As a readonly spanner?

Someone knows a good way to fix my problems?

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You said " but this seem unreliable" -- Please explain why. –  Sarwar Erfan Sep 12 '12 at 8:01
Yes not realy unreliable, but this give me the hole word and not the enter char, If I on the phone enter "Hello" this will first give me "H", "He", "Hel", "Hell" "Hello" this is for me not what I want. I'm try now to translaite this into what I will has, I has find out InputFilter for edit/denied edit on the fly, but has here same problemes.. –  FIG-GHD742 Sep 12 '12 at 9:47

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I think I has final find a working solustion, but has to be try more deeply to know if this exist some buggs or errors.

public abstract class TextListener implements InputFilter {

    public abstract CharSequence removeStr(CharSequence removeChars, int startPos);

    public abstract CharSequence insertStr(CharSequence newChars, int startPos);

    public abstract CharSequence updateStr(CharSequence oldChars, int startPos, CharSequence newChars);

    public CharSequence filter(CharSequence source, int start, int end, Spanned dest, int dstart, int dend) {
        CharSequence returnStr = source;
        String curStr = dest.subSequence(dstart, dend).toString();
        String newStr = source.toString();
        int length = end - start;
        int dlength = dend - dstart;
        if (dlength > 0 && length == 0) {
            // Case: Remove chars, Simple
            returnStr = TextListener.this.removeStr(dest.subSequence(dstart, dend), dstart);
        } else if (length > 0 && dlength == 0) {
            // Case: Insert chars, Simple
            returnStr = TextListener.this.insertStr(source.subSequence(start, end), dstart);
        } else if (curStr.length() > newStr.length()) {
            // Case: Remove string or replace
            if (curStr.startsWith(newStr)) {
                // Case: Insert chars, by append
                returnStr = TextUtils.concat(curStr.subSequence(0, newStr.length()), TextListener.this.removeStr(curStr.subSequence(newStr.length(), curStr.length()), dstart + curStr.length()));
            } else {
                // Case Replace chars.
                returnStr = TextListener.this.updateStr(curStr, dstart, newStr);
        } else if (curStr.length() < newStr.length()) {
            // Case: Append String or rrepace.
            if (newStr.startsWith(curStr)) {
                // Addend, Insert
                returnStr = TextUtils.concat(curStr, TextListener.this.insertStr(newStr.subSequence(curStr.length(), newStr.length()), dstart + curStr.length()));
            } else {
                returnStr = TextListener.this.updateStr(curStr, dstart, newStr);
        } else {
            // No update os str...

        // If the return value is same as the source values, return the source value.
        return TextUtils.equals(source, returnStr) ? source : returnStr;

From this code I can easy prevent edit on select part of the text by lookup were in the text I try to edit.

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