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First, look at this document.

I'm wondering what publishing software Xilinx is using here, since we see features that in my opinion seem impossible using Microsoft Word or any equivalent. I am still a computer engineering student and I'm wondering what's the process involved in producing really professional technical documentation in a software/hardware company. Is the content decoupled from the style? Is the layout done manually? Would LaTeX be adequate for such a piece of work?

If you have any experience with technical writing, I would appreciate you share it. This isn't really a programming question, but still related to the software/hardware domain; I don't know where else to put it.

Thank you.

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According to the PDF metadata in the document it was created using FrameMaker 7.2.

However, there are more typesetting tools available. LaTeX (TeXLive distribution is used mostly nowadays) and Lout are just two examples. And yes, content is decoupled from the style. I recommend you to start reading some how-to's on LaTeX and check some examples freely available on the Internet.

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As previous posters have noted, the document was created in Framemaker. As a technical writer, I would also suggest tools such as Flare or RoboHelp (which is now owned by Adobe), both authoring tools. Content is decoupled from style.

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Open file in Acrobat Reader. Go to File menu, select Properties. On the Description page, in the Application field, it says "FrameMaker 7.2"

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It's possible to do this kind of doc in MS Word, but it's difficult to enforce styles and formatting. FrameMaker is significantly better for this kind of document. To learn FrameMaker, check the Adobe learning site (http://www.adobe.com/products/framemaker/training.html), or this blog has excellent advice: http://blog.rockymountaintraining.com/.

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