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Another question for you Filemaker Pro experts. The database I am developing starts with a Main layout with a number of buttons (e.g. insert new item, show all items, etc.). Each button is associated to a script, which takes the user to the relevant layout. In each of these layouts I show the buttons in a row, and highlight the current layout with inverse colour. My problem is that some of the buttons lead to the same layout, viewed in different modes, and I don't know how to conditionally highlight the right button.

For instance, Insert new item and Show all items take to the same layout, however in the first case the script views the layout as a form and inserts a new record, while in the second I view as a list and show all records. The layout is the same, though, so I'd need to enact a conditional formatting based on something. How do I do that, and what should I check against?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Presumably you are currently using the formula: Get (LayoutName) to decide on your conditional formula, why not try additionally using formulas: Get(WindowMode) and Get(LayoutViewState)?

You could conditionally format the button if (which sends user to MyLayout in browse mode):

Get(WindowMode)=0 and Get(LayoutName)="MyLayout"

Or (which sends user to MyLayout in form view):

Get(LayoutViewState)=0 and Get(LayoutName)="MyLayout"


Other functions which may help could be Get(FoundCount) and Get(TotalRecordCount). You can see the entire list of Get functions here.

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