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This might be an "amateur" question

Firstly, I'm used to programming in java or c++, so I am realy new to R.

What I need to do is create a program that needs the statistical abilities of R, but needs to be used by someone that knows very little about computers. So what im looking for is

  • something like JButtons for Java, only with R.
  • something to make a gui with and is simple to apply.

I've searched the web and R-books, but the only help thats out there is of statistic nature.

Any help on where to learn about gui, or a library with written methods will be apreciated. the gui should be as simple as possible, no need for fancy or flexible codes. I need buttons on a page.

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If you're familiar with Java, then use JGR and Deducer for your project. –  Andrie Sep 11 '12 at 20:50
If you search a little harder you might find a book on the topic and several papers :) Here are some other ideas besides gWidgets (though that is viable as shujaa notes): rJava allows you to program GUIs within Java (See JGR and Deducer mention by Andrie); RGtk2, qtbase, and tcltk allow you to access these toolkits from within R (many examples on CRAN); There are R <--> python channels that would let you leverage bindings for python (red-r.org uses this approach). –  jverzani Sep 12 '12 at 20:24

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Check out the gWidgets package. They've got a very nice vignette, as well as a handy little system to automagically create a (editable!) gui for a particular function. http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/gWidgets/index.html

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