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I need to open a dbase III file in C#. The sticking point is that the file has a .dat extension not a .dbf. I have tried both OleDB and Odbc and both require that the file has a .dbf extension.

Renaming the file is not an option. These come from a customer as part of a GIS TAB file set.

Any ideas?

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I know that the the OleDB connection can point to a "path" where the data resides... However, I think you can explicitly qualify the file name to include the .dat such as

select * from YourTable.DAT where SomeCondition;

your typical query would have been

select * from YourTable where SomeCondition;

and the OleDB provider would IMPLY a ".dbf" extension. However, since you are explicitly qualifying as .DAT, it should find it for you. Additionally, via OleDB, you can actually query from sub-folders from a common root (just FYI).

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Tried this. Work only if .DBF file also present. This suggests extension is ignored. –  SteveChadbourne Sep 19 '12 at 1:02
This works for me.. –  Irshad Oct 28 '14 at 9:05

If the file resides on writable NTFS volume you could establish hard link to this file: Fsutil: hardlink

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