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I'm trying to have my Swing components not scale either vertically and scale horizontally, or the other way around (In other words, I only want them to have one axis of freedom. They can either scale horizontally in some cases, or vertically in others).

Is there any elegant way of doing this, without adding a multitude of JPanels?

LE: I'd rather not make any significant modifications to the already made layout that I've received.

I'm hoping for a magical, simple fix to this issue, like JTextField.don'tScaleVerticallyIdiot();

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You need to use an appropriate layout manager.

The two most powerful are MigLayout and FormLayout. I personally prefer MigLayout because it's easier to use directly, whereas FormLayout works well only with a window designer like WindowBuilder.

Both have similar feature characteristics.

Using MigLayout, you can specify if a component is allowed to grow on a specific axis, and if so, what kind of weight it should be provided (as opposed to extra space going to other components).

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I'd rather avoid any large changes to the complete and complex layout I've received... –  Eugen Sep 11 '12 at 22:15

I think you can achieve that with setting BorderLayout as a LayoutManager of the container, so:

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I would've loved it to work as easily as that, however it still scales according to the JFrame. I want it to be a single row as height and scale horizontally as much as I drag the frame, but without adding multiple JPanels. –  Eugen Sep 11 '12 at 22:14

You didn't mention which LayoutManager that you are currently using.

Personally, I would use GridBagLayout for what you are trying to achieve.

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I want it to be a single row as height and scale horizontally as much as I drag the frame, but without adding multiple JPanels.

I think BoxLayout with a PAGE_AXIS can do that.

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