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I am currently practising with USB programming on an AT91SAM9G20-Evaluation Kit. I learned much about USB devices and USB device port drivers while "playing" with the ATMEL provided USB device port projects (CDC-driver, ..).

But now i'd like to write a small driver to controll a wireless stick which i plugged into one of the boards USB-A Host Ports.

I read a lot on stackoverflow, the OpenHCI specification and even found some libraries on the net, but i am not sure if its a good way to implement my own stack with out any "good" knowledge in USB Host Port programming.

Is there a small and easy way to control the wireless-stick at the boards USB Host port? (Like using the USART-Interfaces?)

Not sure if its just too late today or i am "blind", but can you maybe please give a hint on how to implement RTUSB or libUSB in to the AT91?

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Aureon

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