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I've noticed that it is possible to add the same node multiple times into the same TXMLDocument - is this a good idea?

  n := XMLDocument1.CreateElement('Test', '');
  n.Text := 'fool me once...';

The node test will appear multiple times in the tree

Edit: To make my question clear - Will it cause any problems if I add an IXMLNode multiple times in a TXMLDocument?

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@Ken White. Yes. My question is more if it is going to cause me any grief by doing this. Presumably if I have a large number of identical nodes then this will make things more memory efficient, but are there any side effects in doing this. – Alister Sep 12 '12 at 1:01
+1 - Thanks for the edit to clarify. :-) – Ken White Sep 12 '12 at 1:03
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By adding node to a document you won't lose a reference to just added node, so there's nothing wrong to do it several times. If it's a good idea is then just a design question - if you need to add several same nodes to your document at one time, then it's the best way to do so.

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