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I'm using Apache-CXF for JAX-RS implementation. I have two resources which are defined in two bean. My jaxrs-server in context.xml os as follow

 <jaxrs:server id="serverId" address="/">
        <bean id="bean1" class="com.Bean1" />
        <bean id="bean2" class="com.Bean2" />

Interface for Bean1 is as follows -

   public interface IBean1 {
    @Produces({ MediaType.APPLICATION_XML })
    public Response checkBean1();

Interface for Bean2 is as follows -

   public interface IBean2 {
    @Produces({ MediaType.APPLICATION_XML })
    public Response checkBean1();

I'm unable to hit the resource which is defined in last in serviceBans definition. In this case i'm able to hit Bean2 but not Bean1, getting 404 error, where as if i put Bean2 first and then Bean1, i'm able to hit Bean1 only.

Is there anything wrong with my configuration ?

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Yes. Give them different @Path annotations at the class level.

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Thanks for your response. I want to keep the same path at class level. Is there any other way to handle this ? –  Pankaj Sep 13 '12 at 1:02
As you suggested, I managed with having different @Path annotation at class level and it worked. It seems, we can't have the same path at class level. –  Pankaj Sep 14 '12 at 22:07

It is possible to have the same @Path annotation at class level. You need to use a resourcecomparator. Please check this question

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