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we have php web application on two db linux web server connected with RAC load balancy with two Oracle db server.. we have a high traffic .. about 500 client concurrency on the same time conenct the web application .. our linux web server is 2 giga RAM .. and 2 processors. we want to make apache more performance .. i have installed zend core for oracle on linux web server with prefork module. how can i calculate exaclty the value of MaxClient directive in prefork module .. or make any thing to improve apache performance . or make any configration on oracle server.

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Find the average memory consumption of an Apache Process. Divide the amount of "spare" memory you have by this number. This is your MaxClients number.

When I say "Spare" memory - I don't mean "memory not in use" - I mean "Memory not in use when apache isn't running, minus about 20% for system stuff"

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This will depend on how many children you are forking on startup and the MaxRequestsPerChild value you want to use, the ThreadsPerChild values, etc. It's not a simple calc.

What other values are you using?

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