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I am using the p:panelMenu component with p:submenu and p:menuitem in my xhtml .But the items embedded inside the p:menuitem dont seem to appear on the page.On Inspecting Network traffic in chrome it seems to be unable to find two css undefined.css.jsf and undefined.js.jsf.



<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"
    <title>Welcome to OTV_JSF_Spring_Hibernate_Project</title>
    <style type="text/css">
h1 {
    font-family: "Times New Roman";
    font-size: 7px;

pre {
    font-family: "Times New Roman";
    font-size: 25px;
    font-style: bold;
    align: center;

        <p:layout style="min-width:300px;min-height:700px;" id="layout">
            <p:layoutUnit position="east" resizable="true" size="350"
                minSize="40" maxSize="350">
                <p:panelMenu style="width:400px">
                    <p:submenu label="Navigations">
                        <p:submenu label="Links" icon="ui-icon-extlink">
                            <p:submenu label="PrimeFaces" icon="ui-icon-heart">
                                <p:menuitem value="Home" url="http://www.primefaces.org"
                                    icon="ui-icon-home" />
                                <p:menuitem value="Docs"
                                    icon="ui-icon-document" />
                                <p:menuitem value="Download"
                                    icon="ui-icon-arrowthick-1-s" />
                                <p:menuitem value="Support"
                                    icon="ui-icon-wrench" />



            <p:layoutUnit position="center">
                    <font size="6"><h:outputLabel for="createform"
                            value="Create New Form" /></font>
                <hr width="98%"></hr>

                        <td width="30%"><pre>
                                <h:outputLabel for="name" value="Name of the form : " />
                        <td align="left"><p:inputText id="name"
                                value="#{questionMB.formName}" label="Name of the form">
                            </p:inputText> <p:message id="formMsg" for="name" display="icon" /></td>
                        <td width="30%"><pre>
                                <h:outputLabel for="desc" value="Description of the form : " />
                        <td align="left"><p:inputTextarea rows="4" cols="60"
                                value="#{questionMB.formDesc}" /></td>
                        <td width="30%"><pre>
                                <h:outputLabel for="question" value="Question : " />
                        <td align="left"><p:accordionPanel>
                                <p:tab title="Godfather Part I">
                                    <h:panelGrid columns="2" cellpadding="10">

                                        <p:inputText id="question" value="#{questionMB.questionText}">
                                            <p:ajax event="blur" update="questionMsg" />
                                        <p:message id="questionMsg" for="question" display="icon" />
                        <td width="30%"><pre>
                                <h:outputLabel for="answer" value="Answer Type : " />
                        <td align="center"><h:panelGrid columns="2" rows="1"
                                style="margin-bottom:10px" cellpadding="5">
                                <p:selectOneRadio id="options" value="#{questionMB.answerType}">
                                    <f:selectItem itemLabel="Text field" itemValue="Text field" />
                                    <f:selectItem itemLabel="Combo box" itemValue="Combo box" />
                                    <f:selectItem itemLabel="Radio button" itemValue="Radio button" />
                                    <f:selectItem itemLabel="Check box" itemValue="Check box" />
                                    <f:selectItem itemLabel="Date box" itemValue="Date box" />
                                    <f:selectItem itemLabel="Y/N Button" itemValue="Y/N Button" />


                        <td><p:commandButton id="addQuestion" value="Save"
                                action="#{questionMB.addQuestion}" ajax="true" /> <p:commandButton
                                id="submitQuestion" value="Submit"
                                action="#{questionMB.saveandsubmitForm}" ajax="false" /></td>


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Give it a try in a page without the irrelevant elements. When creating such an example you may stumble upon the solution. If not you can edit your post so we don't have to read through the whole page. Have a look at sscce.org –  siebz0r Sep 12 '12 at 17:32

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