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I am writing an application that uses the Gryoscope in iOS-compatible devices. I only want the gyroscope to update my application with new Coordinates about every second. I've tried to set:


However, it seems that I'm getting a million updates a second (yes, I know that's hyperbole).

Are there any other settings I need to make, or is this not possible? What is the maximum value for this setting for each device?


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motionManager.gyroUpdateInterval = 1.0; should work.

But beware that the gyroscope is only on the fourth-generation iPod touch, iPhone 4, and iPad. Try add an if-else statement block to ensure device compatibility.

If you wan't more info try this link.

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Let me try the "1.0", not just "1" –  El Guapo Sep 12 '12 at 18:11

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