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having an issue with my perfect number function. The objective of the code is to determine if the number is a perfect number, meaning it is equal to the sum of its divisors. Ex:6. Im having trouble with my code. Here's my function:

(define (is-perfect x)
  (define (divides a b) (= (modulo b a) 0))
  (define (sum-proper-divisors y)
    (if (= y 1)
        (if (divides y x)
            (+ y (sum-proper-divisors (- y 1)))
        (if (= x 1)
            (= (sum-proper-divisors (- x 1)
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If you already knew it was "probably a parentheses issue" then you should be able to fix it yourself. – Mitch Wheat Sep 11 '12 at 23:49
Racket asks that i keep the trailing parentheses – user1661660 Sep 11 '12 at 23:53

You almost got it! there are a couple of problems, though. First, you're missing a case in sum-proper-divisors: you ask if y is one and if (divides y x), but what happens if y does not divide x?

The second problem, is that the last if expression must be outside of the definition of the two helper procedures, currently it's inside sum-proper-divisors. Properly indenting your code will make easier to find this kind of errors.

This is how a correct solution looks, because this looks like homework I'll let you fill-in the blanks:

(define (is-perfect x)
  (define (divides a b)
    (= (modulo b a) 0))
  (define (sum-proper-divisors y)
    (cond ((<= y 1)
          ((divides y x)
           (+ y (sum-proper-divisors (- y 1))))
           <???>))) ; what goes in here?
  (if (= x 1)
      (= (sum-proper-divisors (- x 1)) x)))
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It goes to infinite loop at x=0, maybe remove the if and change ((= y 1) 1) to ((<= y 0) 0) ? – user1651640 Sep 12 '12 at 18:02
I apologize, but I seem to have introduced a bug with my suggestion, I did't notice 0 would "become" a perfect number like this. the if predicate should be <= x 1 . the cond wasn't a problem. I'm terribly sorry. – user1651640 Sep 13 '12 at 9:48

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