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I installed MOSS 2k7 Enterprise and now, I would like to use the Workflow feature. The problem is that :

  1. When I start any workflow, I have got the error "InfoPath Forms Services is not turned on"

  2. In Central Administrator -> Application Management -> InfoPath Forms Services, I tried to : (a)"Manageform templates" (b) "configure InfoPath Forms Services", "Upload form templates", but I always receive the same error "InfoPath Forms Services is not turned on"

  3. I tried to create an InfoPath file and publish in the SharePoint site but it does not work

Do you have any idea ?

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@Linh Linh: If you have more information for the question please edit it rather than add a new answer (because what you've added is not an answer). Also this is not a programming question and may be better answered at serverfault.com –  Alex Angas Aug 7 '09 at 10:40

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Go to the site collection's site setting where you want to enable this service.select Site Collection Features and then activate Infopath form services.

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Have you tried this:

  1. Go to Central Administration > Operations > Enable Features on existing sites
  2. Tick the check box "Enable all sites..."
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