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In an editable iframe I am replacing the plain urls with links thanks to this regex:

function linkify(text) {
    var regex = /(http|https|ftp)\:\/\/[a-zA-Z0-9\-\.]+\.[a-zA-Z]{2,3}(:[a-zA-Z0-9]*)?\/?([a-zA-Z0-9\-\._\?\,\'\/\\\+&%\$#\=~])*/g;
    return text.replace(regex,"<a href='$&'>$&</a>");

var content = linkify($('.div').html());

My problem comes when I try to 'linkify' a string wich contain links, it creates a monster like this:

<a href="&lt;a href='http://google.com'&gt;http://google.com&lt;/a&gt;"></a><a href="http://google.com">http://google.com</a>

I think that this problem can be solved if I iterate over the DOM instead of analyze the html string, but before to try it I want to ask here if someone have any idea.


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You've got the right solution in mind: look at the DOM piece by piece. You can still use a regex to recognize when you've got a plain URL that should be linkified, but you need to be able to recognize when it's already is a link. –  Matt Ball Sep 12 '12 at 0:14
I think you are on the right link with iterating the DOM Fortunately, the DOM gives you a nice NodeList called document.links –  Jeremy J Starcher Sep 12 '12 at 0:15
Suggested strategy: (1) find existing links, remember and replace with placeholders; (2) linkify; (3) replace placeholders with remembered links. –  Beetroot-Beetroot Sep 12 '12 at 8:40

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I had a similar problem, and solved it by first stripping the html tags:

function strip_tags(str, allow) {
allow = (((allow || "") + "").toLowerCase().match(/<[a-z][a-z0-9]*>/g) || []).join('');

var tags = /<\/?([a-z][a-z0-9]*)\b[^>]*>/gi;
var commentsAndPhpTags = /<!--[\s\S]*?-->|<\?(?:php)?[\s\S]*?\?>/gi;
return str.replace(commentsAndPhpTags, '').replace(tags, function ($0, $1) {
return allow.indexOf('<' + $1.toLowerCase() + '>') > -1 ? $0 : '';

And then running the urlify function:

function urlify(text) {
var exp = /(\b(http):\/\/[-A-Z0-9+&@#\/%?=~_|!:,.;]*[-A-Z0-9+&@#\/%=~_|])/ig;
    return text.replace(exp,"<a href='$1'>$1</a>");

See my fiddle to try it out: http://jsfiddle.net/gerbenzomp/UJMeR/3/

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