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I'm trying to append a series of inputs and labels to a form dynamically, but I can't figure out how to work with the onchange event that should fire the append within the form. In the console log I see that the function I defined is simply not getting any value. I don't know why, I think I've done this before but I can't recall howto. Please help!

The form is roughly like this (I'm not posting all of it just the select):

<select class=\"benef_med\" name=\"benefmed\">
<option value=\"1\">1</option>
<option value=\"2\">2</option>
<option value=\"3\">3</option>
<option value=\"4\">4</option>
<br class=\"reset\" id=\"benef_medico\" />
<input type=\"submit\" class=\"sendgral\" value=\"Cotizar\" id=\"sendcotmed\" />

and the Javascript:

of course within a window.onload = function ()

// funcion para agregar campos de formulario------->
addfield = document.getElementById('benef_medico');
etField1 = document.createElement('label');
etField2 = document.createElement('label');
etField3 = document.createElement('label');
etField4 = document.createElement('label');
etField5 = document.createElement('label');
etField6 = document.createElement('label');
etField7 = document.createElement('label');
etField8 = document.createElement('label');
etField9 = document.createElement('label');
etField10 = document.createElement('label');
etField11 = document.createElement('label');
etField12 = document.createElement('label');

etField1.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Nombre del Asegurado:"));
etField2.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Nombre del Asegurado:"));
etField3.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Nombre del Asegurado:"));
etField4.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Nombre del Asegurado:"));
etField5.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Sexo del Asegurado:"));
etField6.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Sexo del Asegurado:"));
etField7.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Sexo del Asegurado:"));
etField8.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Sexo del Asegurado:"));
etField9.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Edad del Asegurado:"));
etField10.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Edad del Asegurado:"));
etField11.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Edad del Asegurado:"));
etField12.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Edad del Asegurado:"));

field1 = document.createElement('input');
field2 = document.createElement('input');
field3 = document.createElement('input');
field4 = document.createElement('input');
field5 = document.createElement('input');
field6 = document.createElement('input');
field7 = document.createElement('input');
field8 = document.createElement('input');
field9 = document.createElement('input');
field10 = document.createElement('input');
field11 = document.createElement('input');
field12 = document.createElement('input');

opcion = document.cotmed.benefmed;
opcion.onchange = function () {
add = this.value;
if (add==1) {
addfield.parentNode.insertBefore(field1, addfield);
field1.parentNode.insertBefore(etField1, field1);


OK I made some some changes and I still think that the event onchange does not fire, I placed the function like this

opcion.onchange = function () {
for (i=0; i<this.selectedIndex + 1; i++) {
addfield.parentNode.insertBefore(field3, addfield);
field3.parentNode.insertBefore(etField3, field3);
etField3.parentNode.insertBefore(field2, etField3);
field2.parentNode.insertBefore(etField2, field2);
etField2.parentNode.insertBefore(field1, etField2);
field1.parentNode.insertBefore(etField1, field1);

So I have only 9 variables:

etField1 = document.createElement('label');
etField2 = document.createElement('label');
etField3 = document.createElement('label');

etField1.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Nombre del Asegurado:"));
etField2.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Sexo del Asegurado:"));
etField3.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Edad del Asegurado:"));

field1 = document.createElement('input');
field2 = document.createElement('input');
field3 = document.createElement('input');

but I still don't get anywhere with the onchange event. Oddly, if I do a console.log and type opcion, the first fields are added (not the 9 fields). Can anyone help me with the damn onchange method?

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try create jsfiddle with your code so we can see it in action – FAngel Sep 12 '12 at 1:13
You should learn about arrays in javascript. It would clean that code up a lot. – sachleen Sep 12 '12 at 1:30
Remove slashes from the form and here is an example of onchange event, just an idea. – The Alpha Sep 12 '12 at 1:42

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