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Is there a way to use descriptors in PHP to do the following sort:

Array 1:

$array1 = ["blah", "quack", "yot"];

Array 2

$array2 = [1,9,6]; Essentially, I'm trying to describe blah with 1, quack with 9, and yot with 6. Basically, there are a total of 1 blahs, 9 quacks, and 6 yots. When I sort the arrays, I want to produce the following arrays:

Array 1 Sorted:

$array1 = ["quack","yot","blah"];

Array 2 Sorted:

$array2 = [9,6,1];
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array_multisort($array2, SORT_DESC, $array1);

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you sir, are smart. – Apollo Sep 12 '12 at 1:14

You can sort arrays with usort.

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Well, you can restructure your data into an associative array.

$var = array ('blah'=>1, 'quack'=>9, 'yot'=>6);

So that your data is in one array. Then you can use asort or any php sorting function to manipulate the array.

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