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I have a Mailchimp RSS campaign that reads an RSS feed on a website and is set to once a day. I would like to send this campaign pro-grammatically after I add an item to the feed.

I am using PerceptiveMCAPI and My code for triggering the campaign is

campaignSendNowInput campaignSendNowInput = new campaignSendNowInput(apiKey, campaignKey);
campaignSendNow campaignSendNow = new campaignSendNow(campaignSendNowInput);
campaignSendNowOutput campaignSendNowOutput = campaignSendNow.Execute();

The error I receive looks like

"Error Code: 313, Message: This Campaign has already been sent and can not be sent again."

Any ideas on what would be causing this?

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Well, I think after looking this over a bit more I originally had the wrong logic. The correct way I believe is to create a new campaign each time and then send this new campaign. Campaigns are meant to be sent once.

RSS feed announcements in Mailchimp are limited to once a day therefor you need to use a standard campaign which you can create pro-grammatically and send that campaign off. If it is vital that the content come from an RSS feed you can still use an RSS feed using the RSS merge tags.

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