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I am opening a dialog window from a main window. The dialog is used to upload a file. When it is complete, I want the dialog to trigger a jQuery function in the opener window. Seems like this should work, but so far it's not.

in the main window I am opening the dialog like this:

jQuery('.modaldataupload').click(function() {
    var newwindow ='href'), '', 'height=400,width=500,top=200,left=200');
    if (window.focus) {

That works. The upload takes place using php, that works, and the dialog is redirected to a confirmation page that has this in it:

<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(document).ready(function() {
jQuery('#datauploadslist', window.opener.document).val('hello');

In the main window, I have a div:

<div id="datauploadslist"></div>

Shouldn't I get "hello" in that div?

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Use text() instead of val() , val() set's the value of form-fields

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