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I have two videos, one of which is overlaid onto the other.The one that is overlaid is only a few seconds long, and I want it to keep looping whilst the main video plays. Ive tried everything I can think of , but nothing seems to work in ffmpeg

 ffmpeg -i mainVideo.MTS -vf " movie=overlaid.wmv  [overlay];[in][overlay] overlay=1000:500 [out]" output.mp4

overlays one on top of the other , but with no looping. Changing movie=overlaid.wmv to movie=overlaid.wmv:loop=0

gives me an error message

[movie @ 01B19FC0] Key 'loop' not found. [movie @ 01B19F40] Error parsing options string: 'loop=0' Error initializing filter 'movie' with args 'overlaid.wmv:loop=0' Error opening filters!

According to the ffmpeg docs, loop is a valid option for movie. Ive tried 0, 1, 10 as the loop value but the result is always the same (an error)

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From ffmpeg docs:

Loop over the input stream. Currently it works only for image streams...

Repeatedly loop output for formats that support looping such as animated GIF...

I would recommend that you concatenate the video that you want to loop multiple times and then overlay that video, you can use the -t option to control the duration of your loop

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