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I'm trying to load data in a Grails application using the Fixture plugin.

class Author {
  String name 

class Book {
  String title
  hasMany = [authors:Author]

I load Author in a separate file and include it in the Book one.

//author fixture
fixture {
  author1(Author) {
    name = 'Ken Follett'
  author2(Author) {
    name = 'Martin Fowler'

//book fixture
fixture {
  include 'author'
  "book"(Book) {
    title = 'Your favorite book'
    authors = [author1, author2]

This all works fine. What I can't do, is to replace [author1, author2] so I can dynamically (and randomly) assign authors. Something like:

def dynamicallyBuiltAuthorList = "author1, author2, author100"
authors = ["${dynamicallyBuiltAuthorList}"]

Pretty much everything I tried so far gave me a no matching editors or conversion strategy found error.

Thanks in advance Grails gurus!

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Based on your answer below (and the previous edit to this answer), this is probably a better way:

def dynamicallyBuiltAuthorList = [ 'author1', 'author2', 'author100' ].collect {
  ref( "$it" )
authors = dynamicallyBuiltAuthorList
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Thanks Tim, great insight, in the end the exact answer is similar, just replace the this."$it" by anotherList.add(ref("$it")) and that worked out. – ivInMtl Sep 12 '12 at 22:03

In the end the answer is simply:

def authorList = []
def dynamicallyBuiltAuthorList = [ 'author1', 'author2', 'author100' ].collect {
authors = authorList

Thanks to Tim for the help!

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Updated my answer based on this. If you are doing collect, you don't need a secondary list to add to :-) – tim_yates Sep 13 '12 at 8:11

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