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Most of the tutorials I've come across, you set up a Node.js web app by setting the server to listen on a port, and access it in the browser by specifying that port.. However, how would I deploy a Node.js app to be fully accessible by say a domain like foobar.com?

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You have to bind your domain's apex (naked domain) and usually www with your web server's ip or it's CNAME.

Since you cannot bind apex domain with CNAME, you have to specify server IP or IPs or load balancers' IPs

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Your question is a little vague.. If your DNS is already configured you could bind to port 80 and be done with it. However, if you already have apache or some other httpd running on port 80 to serve other hosts that obviously won't work.

If you prefer to run the node process as non-root (and you should) it's much more likely that you're looking for a reverse proxy. My main httpd is nginx, the relevant option is proxy_pass. If you're using apache you probably want mod_proxy.

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I just created an "A record" at my registrar pointing to my web server's ip address. Then you can start your node app on port 80.

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An alternative would be to redirect:

http://www.foobar.com to http://www.foobar.com:82


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