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Hector: hector-core-1.0-5, cassandra-1.1.2

I have a user_event CF created through cqlsh as follows:
user_name text,
event_id timeuuid,
event_data text,
PRIMARY KEY(user_name, event_id))

The query I'm trying to write in Hector is: Select the last 5 events for a given user before current time.

My code is as follows:

        Composite start = compositeFrom(TimeUUIDUtils.getUniqueTimeUUIDinMillis(),
        Composite end = compositeFrom(TimeUUIDUtils.getUniqueTimeUUIDinMillis(),

        List<HColumn<Composite, String>> cList= dao.getCompositeQueryIterator(key,  start,  end, stringSerializer);...

        public static Composite compositeFrom(UUID componentName, Composite.ComponentEquality equalityOp) 
          Composite composite = new Composite();
          composite.addComponent(0, componentName, equalityOp);
          return composite;

I cannot figure out what operators and values to use for the start and finish composites so that I'll get back the last n events ordered by time. Also, another question: Is getUniqueTimeUUIDinMillis() the right thing to use for the event_id or should I create a separate timestamp column and slice on it?

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Are you using CQL2 or CQL3 to create your ColumnFamily? –  BigBen Sep 12 '12 at 3:34
I'm using CQL3. I can insert the data correctly, just cant figure out how to write the select query to fetch the last 5 events by without fetching all columns. –  user931518 Sep 12 '12 at 3:44
Can anyone help? –  user931518 Sep 13 '12 at 1:34

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