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I just installed Visual Studio 2012 and noticed that the version as mentioned in the 'about' menu is:

Version 11.0.50727.1 RTMREL

I am familiar with RTM (Release To Manufacturing) but am curious what the REL component means.

Anyone have any insight?

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RTMRel is the "release to manufacturing" release. A bit redundant, but rhymes with "SP1Rel" (the Service Pack 1 release).

Update: see Edward's comment below. There is a point to the "Rel" part. It means a "release" build (optimized and stripped of debugging information). MSDN members can also get "Chk" builds for debugging purposes.

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Actually, the REL in this case is the type of build. Internally, we have two build types: REL builds are "release" builds, which are built with optimizations, and CHK builds which are "debug" builds that include no optimizations and debugging symbols. If you have MSDN you should be able to find an RTM CHK build! – Edward Thomson Apr 3 '15 at 17:53

According to this link

RTM means Release to Manufacturing, i.e. the image that goes on DVD's in retail boxes

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