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I am trying to install intl extension in moodle which is a php application. I've added the lines

extension = php_intl.dll 
intl.default_locale = en_utf8
intl.error_level = E_WARNING

in my php.ini file. When I do this in apache and copy all the icuu*.dll files in apache/bin folder, I can see the extension in the application. In IIS server, I don't know where to copy the icuu*.dll files and whether I need to copy those files. If I restart without copying, the application still runs but I can't see the extension. Can someone please advise me?

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Copy the files to the <WINDOWS>\SYSTEM32 directory –  NullPoiиteя Sep 12 '12 at 3:29
I copied them to system32 directory but the application still can't read the extension. –  user1439090 Sep 12 '12 at 3:47

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I had the same issue. I tried to disable php_wincache.dll extension and it worked. Then i could reenable it again. I used VC9 x86 Thread Safe intl extension dll from zip package from here http://windows.php.net/download/

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