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I tried the option of students.item["http://www.myurl.com"].comments.data.length. However, the item["http://www.myurl.com"] call is not working.

If I take out the URL from JSON object and write the iterator with students.comments.data, it works.

Here is my code, any help highly appreciated.

var students = {
                "data" : [{
                    "id": "123456778",
                    "from": {
                        "name": "XYZ",
                        "id": "1000005"
                    "message": "Hey",
                    "can_remove": false,
                    "created_time": "2012-09-03T03:16:01+0000",
                    "like_count": 0,
                    "user_likes": false

var i=0
var arrayObject = new Array();
alert("Parsing 2:   "+students.item["http://www.myurl.com"].comments.data.length);
    alert("Parsing 1:  "+i);
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Where is the .item coming from? This seems unnecessary –  endyourif Sep 12 '12 at 3:45

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The students object has no item property only http://www.myurl.com. Use students["http://www.myurl.com"] not students.item["http://www.myurl.com"]

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Thanks Musa. It did work! –  user1594304 Sep 12 '12 at 4:12

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