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Well, thats a trouble. The code is simple:

public function action_index()

    $post = $this->request->post();

    if ($post) {    
        // if I type it like this, manually - it will work
        $success = Auth::instance()->login('admin','password');


    if (isset($success) and $success) { echo "Пользователь залогинен"; }


Unfortunately it log in only a first record in the database, which is admin as by default config was in the table, If I create a new user. Like this:

$auth = Auth::instance();
        $user = new Model_User();
        $user->username = "Victor";
        $user->email = "me@email.com";

And than use it like I said, only with a real data as

$post["email"] or $post["username"] with $post["password"]


if ($post) {    
    // the values from posts: 'Victor' or 'me@email.com` & 'psw123'
    $success = Auth::instance()->login('me@email.com','psw123');


it will not log in me.

upd I can't login as admin, but all working perfectly if I'll change the role to login (it's 1 in the database). But if the role will be set to 2 (it's an admin role) it will not accept me, even do not make an instance of Auth.

        $post = $this->request->post();

        $success = Auth::instance()->login($post['email'], $post['pass']);

        if ($success)
            echo "SUCCESS!";

Once again, if the role will be 2 (it means admin) this is not will Success me instead of login role.

What can be a reason of this trouble?

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I'm assuming you're using a default ORM auth driver. You don't need to hash your password when saving a new user - it is done automatically by a filter in the model. So saving a new user should look something like that:

$user = ORM::factory("user");
$user->username = "Victor";
$user->password = "psw123";
$user->email = "me@email.com";
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Yes, though I forgot about a roles also. So no it's fine! Thank you anyway! –  Victor Czechov Sep 12 '12 at 18:19
Hi again and I am again need some help. Watch upd. –  Victor Czechov Sep 17 '12 at 11:23
From what I understand you're using roles login and admin exclusively. All users with privileges to log in need a login role. So your administrator user should have both login and admin roles. –  jkondratowicz Sep 19 '12 at 21:12

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