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I have an Event controller, which I re-direct to from another controllers (Registration) (from Registration controller):

format.html { redirect_to new_event_path(:event_count => 15) }

(Event controller)

def new params
    @event = => params[:event_count])

def create
    @event =[:event])

and inside views/events/new.html.erb
<%= f.hidden_field :event_count %>

However, when I try to run this, I get the following message:

unknown attribute: event_count

Note that when I check out the log file, from new, I can see that the parameters hash has in it {"event_count":"15"}

Note that event_count is not in my events table. Any suggestions?

More info

I already have event_count as a virtual attribute in my Event model:

attr_accessible :event_count

This is a value that is only used during the runtime, and is never stored in the DB. Initially I was using session variables pass this value, but I was wondering if there is a cleaner and safer way to get this done.

What worked:

I removed the attr_accessor :event_count form my Even model.

In Event Controller:

def new
    @event_count = params[:event_count]
    @event =

def create
    @event_count = params[:event][:event_count]

and in my views/event.html.erb

<%= f.hidden.field :event_count, :value => @event_count %>
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I am not sure what you are trying to do, but if you want to store event_count in your database you obviously have to add it as a column to your events table.

If it is not necessary to store it in the database, you have to add event_count as a virtual attribute to your event model. Like this:

class Event < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessor :event_count
  attr_accessible :event_count
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In my question, I said that event_count is not in my events table. I already have it as a virtual attribute in my event model. – EastsideDeveloper Sep 12 '12 at 13:08
You DON'T have it as a virtual attribute. attr_accessible IS NOT the same as attr_accessor. – Mischa Sep 12 '12 at 13:54
I used attr_accessor and I got Can't mass-assign protected attributes:event_count – EastsideDeveloper Sep 12 '12 at 14:32
You have to use both attr_accessor and attr_accessible, but I see you solved it by simply storing it in a new instance variable. That's possible too. – Mischa Sep 12 '12 at 21:48
Perhaps I have another issue in my code, but I did add attr_accessor to the existing attr_accessible and still getting errors. I will try that on a clean app to see what happens. – EastsideDeveloper Sep 12 '12 at 23:24

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