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My problem is I have a php variable $ba with a value of 147 retrieved from a DB the below snipets of my code does not work, no image is shown. If I add $ba=147; before the fill_div call it works perfectly. I am stumped as to why it dos'nt work when $ba populated from the DB. In both cases a check of the source code for the page shows the call being filled correctly fill_div("147");

<script type='text/javascript'>
    function fill_div(ba)
        document.getElementById("ba").innerHTML="<img src='admin/images/image.gif'/>"; 

    fill_div("<? echo stripslashes($ba); ?>"); 

<div id="<? echo $ba ?>" style="border:1px solid; width:120px; height:40px"></div>
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If it's not populated from DB - how this question is related to HTML and javascript? –  zerkms Sep 12 '12 at 4:39
Please show the code where $ba is being declared. Is it inside of a function? Also, your javascript should be document.getElementById(ba); –  cegfault Sep 12 '12 at 4:44
removed quotes from getElementById(ba) did'nt make any differance –  user1664457 Sep 12 '12 at 8:39
$ba=$myrow[ba]; –  user1664457 Sep 12 '12 at 8:40
@user1664457 what's the actual value of $ba when it fails –  Musa Sep 12 '12 at 17:34

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You're passing the string literal"ba" to getElementById when you need to pass the variable ba

document.getElementById(ba).innerHTML="<img src='admin/images/image.gif'/>";

Also the stripslashes might not be a good idea if $ba has quotes in it, if $ba has a " in it will cause an error in your JavaScript if it is not escaped.

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I added stripslashes on the off chance it may make a difference and the " have now been removed with same results –  user1664457 Sep 12 '12 at 8:42

try ..

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should be

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Try changing your document.getElementById to:


If it has quotes (as in your example code) "ba" is treated as a string, not a variable.

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thanks for your answer but even without the " still not working –  user1664457 Sep 12 '12 at 8:45

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