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I'm testing my plugin in various WordPress versions and using symbolic links for it. I use the tool called Junction for Windows. This way I just only need to edit the trunk files. However, WordPress does not seem to handle symbolic links very well.

For example, if I run a plugin with the following code.

    Plugin Name: Junction/Simlink Test
echo __FILE__ . '<br />';
echo plugins_url('junctiontest.php', __FILE__) . '<br />';

and create a symbolic link, (this is for Windows)

junction "z:\xampp\htdocs\wp34\wp-content\plugin\junctiontest2" "Z:\xampp\htdocs\wpcurrent\wp-content\plugins\junctiontest"

when I open the admin page of the test site with the url of wpcurrent, I get


However, when I open the admin page of the test site with the url of wp34, I get


This breaks the linked plugin.

So any suggestion to avoid this? I do not like to copy and paste the plugin into each directory every time I make a change in the trunk files.

I found this page: It seems this is a known issue held by many plugin developers and it hasn't been solved.

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Use a folder synchronization tool such as DSYNCHRONIZE.

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