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I have a jsf page index.xhtml

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en"
        <title>Index Page</title>
        <p:layout fullPage="true">
            <p:layoutUnit position="north" size="100" resizable="false" closable="false" collapsible="false">
                    <ui:include src="../header.xhtml" />

            <p:layoutUnit position="west" size="200" resizable="false" closable="false" collapsible="false">
                    <ui:include src="../leftpanel.xhtml" />

            <p:layoutUnit position="center">
                <ui:insert name="content">Blank</ui:insert>

The layout of above page is somewhat like this

|                                                      |
|                  <header>                            |
|               |                                      |
|               |                                      |
|      <left>   |         <center>                     |
|               |                                      |
|               |                                      |

I am using Primefaces 3.x and JSF 2.x. I have a requirement where there are links on left layout like menu and their submenus, on click of submenu items them, a page should get opened in center layout. Can somebody guide me, how to do it?

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check this… – rags Sep 12 '12 at 11:24

You have to define in your xhtml pages with contents

    <ui:composition template="index.xhtml">
        <ui:define name="content">

And links in menu/submenu have to return outcomes defined in faces-config, for example:

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