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I am trying to integrate ActiveMerchant into my website using Rails 3.2. Currently I have code to do general validation on a credit card using the ActiveMerchant "valid" function, which returns some error message if the card i not valid. If there are errors then I would like to add them to errors and re-render the view to display the view with the errors. Below is the code in my controller.

First I create a credit card

def credit_card
    first_name = User.find(user_id).first_name
    last_name = User.find(user_id).last_name
    @credit_card ||= ActiveMerchant::Billing::CreditCard.new(
      :brand              => card_type,
      :number             => card_number,
      :verification_value => card_verification,
      :month              => card_expiration.month,
      :year               => card_expiration.year,
      :first_name         => first_name,
      :last_name          => last_name

Next I validate the card and try to add errors returned to the base errors for views

# Active Merchant Credit Card validation

def validate_card
    unless credit_card.valid?
      credit_card.errors.full_messages.each do |message|
       errors[:base] << message

Finally I call valid_card on the create

validate :validate_card, :on => :create

However I am getting the error below

NoMethodError in Orders#create

Showing app/views/orders/_form.html.erb where line #18 raised:

undefined method `map' for nil:NilClass Extracted source (around line


15: 16: 17: <%= f.label :print_dimension %>
18: <%= f.collection_select :print_dimension_id, @print_dimensions, :id, :dimension %> 19: 20: 21: <%= f.label :delivery_option_id %>

Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you

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You are getting this error because your @print_dimensions is nil and part of the collection_select code is that it calls map on the enumerable object you are supposed to pass there.

I cannot tell why it's nil from the provided code - there is no mention of print_dimensions. But my guess is that you initialize this variable somewhere in the #new action but not in the "fail" part of the #create action. But it's just a guess.

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My problem was due to the fact that my collection_select data was Nil. Essentially when I try to do a New action and it fails it then gets passed to Create, which tries to re-render the New page, but no longer has the collection_select data.

Here is a link to a answer that is similar to mine - link

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