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I found tutorial which describes how create and use keystore for https connection. But I have very noob question: where should i put this code to create keystore? at the openssl command promt or in keytool key prompt.

    export CLASSPATH=bcprov-jdk16-145.jar
if [ -a $CERTSTORE ]; then
    rm $CERTSTORE || exit 1
keytool \
      -import \
      -v \
      -trustcacerts \
      -alias 0 \
      -file <(openssl x509 -in mycert.pem) \
      -keystore $CERTSTORE \
      -storetype BKS \
      -provider org.bouncycastle.jce.provider.BouncyCastleProvider \
      -providerpath /usr/share/java/bcprov.jar \
      -storepass some-password
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Neither. The code you have pasted is a bash script. Typically you would name this file make-keystore.sh. Add this as a first line:


Make sure it can execute on your linux box

chmod +x

and run it like

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