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I have an app where there is a window. In that window there is a view and that view has a button in it. I want to close the window and free the memory which was being used by the window.

So, can we create a method which will iterate through a window and get all the controls so that we can make the elements like button in a view to null after it is used.

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you should iterate through all the children of current window. This link might help… – Muhammad Zeeshan Sep 12 '12 at 7:44
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I am assuming that you are trying to free memory and want to prevent memory leaks,you can do it this way

//create a window
var win = Titanium.UI.createWindow({

//create a view
var view = Titanium.UI.createView({
win.add(view)//add view to window

//create button
var button = Titanium.UI.createButton({
view.add(button);//add button to view
//similarly add what ever you want according to your requirement

//this will free memory
win.remove(view);  // view & button still exist
view = null; // deletes the view and its proxy, but not the button!
button = null;//deletes the button and delete all the elements what ever you have added

//if you have inserted views/tableviewrows/buttons and other elements into an array      then nullifying it after their use like this
var SampleArray = [];
//added views,rows this SampleArray 
SampleArray = null;

For further reference follow this link for Managing Memory and Finding Leaks :

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