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I have a listview that contains the list of all contacts and it is bound by using cursor adapter. How can I insert a specific list item into that list at a specified position that is not returned from cursor adapter ? pls help me designig a custom curaorAdapter that inserts an item at a specified position when a particular view is clicked .

edited: I want to add a new view next to the position where the item was clicked. The new view contains edit text box . When another item of the list view is clicked ,the previously created view should be shifted to that next position ps: the number of edittext required is determined at run time. So I cannot put static invisible edittext and make it visible when clicked .So i decided to move the editext view at different positions based on the list item clicked

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Edit the question and provide more details. You click on an item and you want to insert another row in the ListView. At what position, below the clicked row or at some other position? The newly inserted row should behave as a normal row(meaning is it clickable) or should be something similar in appearance to the normal rows? –  Luksprog Sep 12 '12 at 9:55
@Luksprog edited .am I clear with my question ? –  arul Sep 12 '12 at 10:08

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