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Please look into the source code below :

public void test_Horizontalscroll() throws Exception {
        Gallery feature= (Gallery) solo.getView(R.id.featured_gallery);
        solo.scrollToSide(Solo.LEFT) ;

The issue is that the entire screen is not horizontally scrollable, but only the Top section which is of type Gallery ( android.widget.Gallery)

Please help me.

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you can use solo.drag() method.

Display d =((WindowManager)activity.getApplication().getSystemService(Context.WINDOW_SERVICE)).getDefaultDisplay();

solo.drag(d.getWidth() / 2 , 0, 10 , 10 , 1);

just change the drag params to your needs.

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// Scroll Left // Drag Right

fromX = (screenWidth/2) - (screenWidth/3);

toX = (screenWidth/2) + (screenWidth/3);

fromY = screenHeight/2;

toY = screenHeight/2;

solo.drag(fromX, toX, fromY, toY, 1);

Log.d(TAG,"Scroll Left");

i hope this code will help you.

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Thanks but I used it and now there is another issue : Now it tires to scroll but it cannot drag the screen completely and seems as if the screen is so heavy to move .it moves it half and then fails. –  user1664899 Nov 21 '12 at 7:44

I think the best thing to use is:

solo.scrollViewToSide(solo.getView(R.id.featured_gallery, solo.RIGHT);

You replace the R.id.featured_gallery with the resource id of the view or element (as they're all views anyway) that you're trying to scroll and use either




to scroll the element. Hope it helps.

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