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I am somewhat new to Symfony. I need to check if the user is logged in on every page request. I created a login screen and store the IP address, session id, time of login, username, id and a few more variables in the user table as well as in a session variable. Now I have to check many at every page requests for these variables variables. Can someone let me know where to do the check?

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you probably want to create a "preExecute" method, i.e. something that is executed before any of your controller actions. Take a look here: How to create a something like Zend preDispatch method in Symfony2

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Symfony has a very advanced security component which you should use instead of rolling your own security. It will save you tons of headaches. Read about this security component here:

I would also suggest that you use the FOSUserBundle, which is a great complement to symfony security and which provides advanced user handling. You can find this bundle here:

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In the controller you can use the security.context for that the check

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