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There are more than 600 projects in dozens of folders in my Solution Explorer, not easy to find a project by scrolling in the window.

How do I search or quickly locate a project by name?

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In your search bar, type ">of " without the quotes and then whatever you are looking for.

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Tried but it is not working. Can you elaborate the steps? –  Deqing Sep 28 '12 at 9:06
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Well my way to find a project now, is to open my project folder and look for *.vcxproj files, which have the same project name and in same hierarchy as Solution Explorer.

By this I will know if a project is there, and which folder it will be in the Solution Explorer of VC.

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You should start the command window (located on view - other windows - command window), then type the word: of and then type your project name and file name, you could only type partial names, it'll autocomplete for you.

For example, after openning the command window start typing:

of yourprojectname\web.config

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