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I'm uploading a free app to the Mac App Store and I keep getting this error during validation that says,

The application bundle does not contain an icon in ICNS format, containing both a 512x512 and a 512x512@2x image. For further assistance, see the Apple Human Interface Guildlines.

The only thing is, there are files called icon_512x512.png and icon_512x512@2x.png, as well as files for all the other necessary resolutions.

Since Apple is absolutely no help, I was hoping someone would know how to fix this or at least go about creating an icon that meets the specifications.

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As I understand it, if you create the .icns in Icon Composer it will fail validation even if a proper 512x512@2x is present. Use iconutil to convert the .icns back into an iconset, and then use iconutil to create a new .icns from the iconset.

For instance:

resources $ iconutil -c iconset icon.icns
resources $ iconutil -c icns icon.iconset

More info on iconutil is here.

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That fixed my problem but I used cd to go to the folder, then I entered

iconutil -c iconset icon.icns
iconutil -c icns icon.iconset

the icon name must be icon as in the command.

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you should prepare 2 pictures with png extension, one is 512x512 pixels named icon_512x512.png, one is 1024x1024 pixels named icon_512x512@2x.png, put the 2 pictures in a folder(named icon for example), then out the folder use command iconutil -c icns icon, you will get a icon.icns, drag it to Xcode and drop on the target's App icon.

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Yeah I did that and that didn't work either. But thanks for the help! – startupthekid Sep 12 '12 at 15:34

Also, make sure you include the .icns file extension in your plist when specifying the name of your icon. At some point this became required by iTunes Connect.

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