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I would like to have a repeated pattern of squares (a little like a blueprint) as a background to the entire SVG element. I am using Raphael. How can I accomplish this?

I want to do this with SVG rather than images as I pan / zoom the SVG using SetViewBox and I would like the background to scale appropriately too.

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One option is to render those squares the usual way, via paper.rect(). Might be expensive, though, and would take some maintenance if the canvas can grow in size.

The other option is to do a patterned fill, paper.rect(0,0,100,100).attr({fill: "url(images/pattern.png)"}); (see this tutorial), which should automatically repeat the image it is given. I haven't done that myself, though, so I'm not really sure how the pattern is scaled when you do SetViewBox().

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