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The code:

a <- structure(list(`X$Days` = c("10", "38", "66", "101", "129", "185", "283", 
                                 "374")), .Names = "X$Days")

Then a is like

[1] "10"  "38"  "66"  "101" "129" "185" "283" "374"

I would like to coerce a to an array of numeric values, but coercing functions return me

Error: (list) object cannot be coerced to type 'double'


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If you want to convert all elements of a to a single numeric vector and length(a) is greater than 1 (OK, even if it is of length 1), you could unlist the object first and then convert.

# [1]  10  38  66 101 129 185 283 374

Bear in mind that there aren't any quality controls here. Also, X$Days a mighty odd name.

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If your list as multiple elements that need to be converted to numeric, you can achieve this with lapply(a, as.numeric).

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