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I am setting up a build environment with a unique master buildbot and multiple buildslaves. I have multiple builders which will run on the available slaves. The builders can be triggered on-force or scheduled to run as nightly builds or can be scheduled to run when some changes are detected.

I have setup a MailNotifier to send the results/status of the builds. This MailNotifier will send one email for each of the builder. What I want to do now is to send a single email for multiple builders. For e.g. all the nightly builders after successfully building, trigger some function in master buildbot which will trigger the buildbot to send a single email which includes the results of all the nightly builders.

I would like to know whether something like this is possible and whether buildbot provides support to send a single email for multiple builders. If not any pointer how to accomplish this ??

Thanks in advance !!

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You are looking for buildSetSummary parameter to MailNotifier: if you set this parameter to True, it will send a single e-mail listing statuses of all completed builds.

More information: Buildbot Manual

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It's been quite a while since you asked this but just in case you still need an answer, look at the settings for buildbot's MailNotifier. The default behaviour is to send an e-mail for each builder, so you have to specify which ones you're interested in using the builders argument (scroll down the page):

builders (list of strings). A list of builder names for which mail should be sent. Defaults to None (send mail for all builds). Use either builders or categories, but not both.

Hope this is what you were looking for!

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Create a TriggerableScheduler with all your builders in builderNames. Then, create a "super" builder with the following 2 steps:

  1. trigger the new TriggerableScheduler with waitForFinish=True
  2. send the email
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