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We have implemented BlockUI (element blocking) for a large survey.. On most pages we have a fieldset to be blocked/unblocked based on yes/no answer, and then inside that fieldset paragraph tags that also need to have their own independent block/unblock based on an answer. the problem we are having is when we unblock the fieldset it also affect s the items in the fieldset - but we don't want it to.

SO > Does anyone know how to tell BlockUI not to affect nested item's block/unblock status?

Answer to Question 1 unblocks fieldset, Question 2 in fieldset can be completed, question 2a in fieldset only to be unblocked is question 2 answer was 'yes'

Question 1 - Yes/No (If yes unblock fieldset)

< fieldset >

Question 2 - Yes/No (if yes allow Question 2a, if no Block it)

Question 2a - textarea "Provide more detail"

< /fieldset>

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Nesting has been built into BlockUI.js by the developer..

Trail on Github: https://github.com/malsup/blockui/issues/40#

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