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I want to test my IAP in a development ( sandbox ) environment.

But my XCode SDK 's version is lower that it can't identify my development device as green mark in XCode.

So every time if I want to test my App in my Development device, I have to first deploy my test App by adhoc deployment to my Development device. Then test it on Wi-Fi if internet online needed.

Can I use adhoc deployment to test IAP function in my development device via Wi-Fi this way?

because I already have 2 versions of XCode on my Dev. machine, so I don't want to update my XCode to new versions in the near future in case something wrong unexpected happend.


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The short answer is: yes. In-App-Purchase api will automatically work with sandbox environment until application successfully reviewed by Apple. Of-course, you need create test users via itunes connect to test it. Check the programming guide .

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many thanks to llya K. –  user1188849 Sep 17 '12 at 7:27

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