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I am experimeting with web sockets.

I look at http://www.websocket.org/echo.html site... They have simple echo demo for client [ under Creating your own test ] I copy that code...

<!DOCTYPE html>  
<meta charset="utf-8" /> 
<title>WebSocket Test</title>  
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">  

 var wsUri = "ws://echo.websocket.org/";
 var output;

 function init() 
  output = document.getElementById("output"); 

 function testWebSocket() 
  websocket = new WebSocket(wsUri); 
  websocket.onopen = function(evt) { onOpen(evt) }; 
  websocket.onclose = function(evt) { onClose(evt) }; 
  websocket.onmessage = function(evt) { onMessage(evt) }; 
  websocket.onerror = function(evt) { onError(evt) }; 

 function onOpen(evt) 
     doSend("WebSocket rocks"); 

function onClose(evt) 
function onError(evt) 
    writeToScreen('<span style="color: red;">ERROR:</span> ' + evt.data); 

 function doSend(message) 
      writeToScreen("SENT: " + message); 

function writeToScreen(message) 
    var pre = document.createElement("p"); 
    pre.style.wordWrap = "break-word"; 
    pre.innerHTML = message; 

window.addEventListener("load", init, false);

</script>  <h2>WebSocket Test</h2>  
<div id="output"></div> 


It connects but can not able take response...

Should a client for websocket run under a websocket supported Server?

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you are missing a onMessage(evt) handler.

function onMessage(message){
   writeToScreen("GOT MESSAGE: " + message.data); 

here is a working example.

If you click the button it will open up a connection send a message and receives it back.

Note that only your browser needs support!

If you want to implement your own web-socket based service on a backend. You need a webserver that supports of cource..

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